If you wish to trek up Mount Agung with Gung Bawa, you can choose from two routes.

Pura Pasar Agung, located on the southern slopes, is the start point for the easiest route and shortest trek; this takes around 3 hours and although it doesn't take you right to the summit, it will bring you to the lower edge of the crater rim, around 2800 metres above sea level. If you wish to see the sunrise from the top, you will need to set out at about 3 am. This offers the best chance of seeing the view before the clouds form. You will be able to look straight down into the oval-shaped crater, which is about 500 metres deep. On a clear day, you will have a views to the south, and also views to the east of Mt Rinjani on the neighboring island of Lombok.

Pura Besakih, on the southwest side, is the start point for a longer trek of around 5-6 hours, setting out at 11 pm. This climb is much tougher than the climb from the south and is only suitable for the very physically fit. The trek begins at 1160 meters above sea level from Pura Pengubengan, the most distant of the temples at the Besakih complex. This route will take you right to the summit and offers a 360 degree view on a clear day.

What to bring : Hiking boots, warm clothing, camera, sunblock, sunglasses, payment or payment voucher.

Schedule: From Selat Village

02.00 am Transfer to Pasar Agung Temple
03.00 am Start trekking
06.00 am Arrive at the top, take a rest, and enjoy breakfast and the sunrise
07.00 am Begin the trek down
10.00 am Arrive back at Pasar Agung Temple

11.00 pm Transfer to Besakih Temple
11.30 pm Start trekking
06.00 am Arrive at the true summit, take a rest, and enjoy breakfast, the sunrise and
a 360° view.
12.30 pm Arrive back at Besakih Temple